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Keeping Your Outdoor Gathering Areas Clean And Sanitized

Sanitizing your outdoor surfaces

Humans are a social species, and we love our outdoor get-togethers. Barbecues, parties, concerts - we don't need a reason, just a little food and music, and fresh air and we are in our happy place.

With current world events, the spread of germs and bacteria, even our outdoor gatherings, has generated concern. How do you keep your outdoor surfaces clean and safe in your outdoor gathering areas? Your pressure washing specialist has the answers.

Keeping your outdoor common areas clean using soft washing techniques is easy for a professional pressure washing service. Outdoor disinfecting services can sanitize common areas such as:

  • Handrails, doorknobs, and other high-touch areas
  • Tables and seating at outdoor dining and entertainment areas
  • Neighborhood pools
  • Recreation centers
  • Decks and patios

Soft washing uses environmentally friendly biodegradable sanitizing solutions to attack bacteria, mildew, mold, and other harmful pollutants from your outdoor surfaces, and then gently washes them away with clean water, leaving your outdoor surfaces free from unhealthy contaminants. As an added bonus, your surfaces will also sparkle with an immaculate shine that is just waiting to have a little barbecue sauce spilled on it.

A pressure washing professional can help you determine the best steps for sanitizing and disinfecting your outdoor gathering areas at your Memphis home or business

In these unprecedented times, there are specific steps that you can take to ensure that the people who use your outdoor spaces are protected from the spread of harmful bacteria and dangerous organisms. The first step is to call a professional for a consultation. They will guide you through the sanitizing and disinfecting process.

Develop Your Plan

Reducing the risk of exposure to harmful elements by cleaning and disinfection is a vital component to maintaining the safety of your outdoor spaces. Your pressure washing professional will assess your outdoor areas and discuss with you the best options for addressing your specific issues. They can help you determine the applications and processes that will work best for your exterior surfaces.

Implement Your Plan

Once you've developed your sanitizing and disinfecting plan, it's time to put it into place. A skilled pressure washing technician will begin by applying an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to your exterior surfaces, allowing it to saturate contaminants and harmful organisms and attack them at the root. Based on the type of surface, your technician will then utilize adjustable pressure settings appropriate for the application to thoroughly remove the solution, along with any debris or residue. The surfaces will then be ready for use after they have air-dried.

Maintain and Revise Your Plan

Your pressure washing expert will discuss with you the ways that your outdoor spaces are utilized and help you develop a regular maintenance plan for extending the effects of your sanitizing and disinfecting services. For lower-traffic areas, a simple wipe-down between uses may be sufficient. In places where you see a greater number of people using the space, scheduled visits, and routine maintenance from a local pressure washing contractor may be advisable.

Maintaining a healthy environment in your outdoor spaces may seem like an overwhelming challenge. That's why consulting with a professional in the field who is familiar with the best techniques, applications, and planning for dealing with disinfecting and sanitizing your outdoor areas is vital to streamlining the process and ensuring that the proper protocols are followed. They might even offer to help you put away a little of that good barbecue, too!

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Humans are a social species, and we love our outdoor get-togethers. Barbecues, parties, concerts - we don't need a reason, just a little food and music, and fresh air and we are in our happy place. […]

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