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Commercial Building Soft Wash In Memphis, TN

Commercial building soft wash in memphis tn

Summer Avenue in Memphis, TN is a busy and sometimes congested street. Due to exhaust, trees, and debris, it’s common to see buildings in need of an exterior cleaning... that’s where SP Pressure Washing LLC comes in! The Animal Emergency Center was in need of their back wall cleaned as they had build up of dirt and black algae.

In order to effectively remove the black algae, we used a soft wash method to break-down and kill the algae without damaging the painted wall. Using a 5.5 gpm 12V soft wash system, we were able to apply our batch mix of solution and surfactant onto the wall from bottom to top with minimal overspray! While the cleaning solution dwelled on the wall for several minutes, we agitated it to help break down the algae by giving it a brush. Once we saw a noticeable difference to the algae, we used our 4gpm 4000psi pressure washing trailer to rinse the wall down to remove any outstanding dirt and algae. In about an hour, we were able to clean this wall up effectively and leave the customer very happy!

Building Washing Project Photos

Products Used: Cougar Chemical Sodium Hypochlorite 12%

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