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Commercial Pressure Washing In Memphis

Commercial pressure washing in memphis

Before graduation, this High School was needing the football stadium entrance concrete, stairs, concession stand concrete, and the Home and Away side bleachers pressure washed. Because graduation was right around the corner, we made sure to work with this school promptly in providing a quote, explaining the process we needed to take to be as efficient as possible, and walked around the area to ensure expectations were clear for both the customer and ourselves. Once the quote was accepted, our pressure washers immediately prepared our professional equipment and headed to the stadium to begin the job.

Starting with the Home side bleachers, we used Goo-Gone Adhesive Remover to scrape every possible piece of gum and stuck debris off of the bleachers before pressure washing. Once the gum and debris was removed, it was time to crank up the 4GPM 4000PSI Five Star Pressure Washers! Starting from the top of the bleachers, we worked our way down, step by step to ensure a uniform cleaning. By using high pressure and 200F degree hot water, we were able to clean the surface and leave a beautiful clean surface. Once the Home and Away side was completed, we moved to the concrete cleaning.

The entrance and concession stand concrete was very dirty and in dire need of surface cleaning. By using Cougar Chemical's commercial grade bleach, also known as Sodium Hypochlorite 12%, we were able to use a diluted solution in order to safely break up the mold, algae, and grime that was attached to the concrete to allow for a more effective surface cleaning.

Right in time for graduation, SP Pressure Washing LLC was able to successfully complete this large commercial job, and the school was very pleased with the results!

Commercial Pressure Washing Project Photos

Products Used: Cougar Chemical's Sodium Hypochlorite (12%), Goo-Gone Adhesive Remover, Five Star 4GPM 4000PSI Pressure Washer

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