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School Pressure Washing In Memphis

School pressure washing in memphis

Newberry Elementary is located in Memphis, TN and has recently been doing many renovations to the campus. In order to give there courtyard area a fresh new look without breaking their budget, they requested that their courtyard brick wall be cleaned up and pressure washed. The main wall was very porous and had algae, moss, ivy and vines growing onto and into the brick wall. It was around 3000 square feet of brick wall standing around 12-15 feet high.

Our pressure washing experts encountered a few obstacles along the way but managed to work through them satisfactorily. Because they were doing renovations, debris, construction material, and miscellaneous objects were scattered throughout the courtyard grass. As a part of our property protection procedures, we made sure to clear the area of any moveable items. Also, we noticed there was brand new grass that was laid and did our best to not leave any tire marks by deviating to a safer side for entry into the courtyard. Lastly, we noticed that the turn key for the outdoor faucet was not available to us, but by having the proper equipment and tools, we were able to get the water turned on in no time!

Before we moved into pre-treatment of the brick and pressure washing it, we wanted to take care of the ivy and vines that were growing into the wall. Although it was difficult to get off at times, we had the man power and tools to successfully remove all of the ivy and vines growing on the wall and in order to feel satisfied with our work, we made sure to remove the loose ivy and vines from the ground, put them in trash bags, and disposed of the bags at a proper trash container at the completion of our job.

Once the wall was free of debris, we soaked the porous brick with water in order to fill the pores and prepare for our chemical pre-treatment. Pre-treating the wall with Sodium Hypochlorite (SH), we were able to eliminate the growth on the wall safely and effectively before pressure washing.

Using our professional equipment, we were able to pressure wash the entire brick wall within 3 hours, getting rid of all the green algae, mold, moss, and debris. We used extension wands to reach the hard to reach places closer to the top of the wall, and small wands to work the bottom of the wall.

Overall, we were in and out of the job site within 5 hours from parking are truck and trailer to locking up the gates and calling it a day!

If a residential and/or commercial location needs exterior cleaning, feel free to reach out to SP Pressure Washing LLC for a FREE estimate! We will work with your schedule and budget to provide you the very best service in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas.

School Pressure Washing Project Photos

Products Used: Five Star 4GPM Pressure Washer, Honda Motor Pressure Washer, Cougar Chemical Sodium Hypochlorite (12%)

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